Every construction project starts with a planning phase. Developers need to determine a project viability and this requires the analysis of all possible options. It requires a lot of analysis of different options. Bldbox assists the developer in estimating the construction cost of each of these options.
Site search and analysis
A simple and very rough approach to estimating land value is
to compare its $/unit or $/acre metric.
However, a more accurate valuation can be obtained by creating a proforma. Bldbox has developed a tool which allows to create proforma in a minute and then analyze different scenarios and assumptions.
Land acquisition due-diligence
Land acquisition is the most important decision a developer makes in the entire project development process in terms of its impact on developers profit. A developer needs to check the biggest risks associated with the project which is done by hiring an architect, environmental engineer, land use attorney.
Bldbox helps to streamline this process by managing the quotes from these consultants.
Communication issues
Lack of time
Cost of Construction
The impact of construction cost is hard to overestimate. Different designs may generate different revenue and have different construction costs. It is difficult to forecast which design has higher return for investors and owners of the project unless you are able to estimate construction cost of each individually.
Bldbox has developed a proprietary machine learning algorithm that builds a predictive model able to estimate construction cost of any project instantly. Using the model you can measure the impact of any design change quantitatively which makes your design decisions informed.