Our vision

Real estate development is inherently risky. In order to minimize losses and maximize returns, industry professionals conduct comprehensive studies to determine the risk (and reward) of different scenarios and options. Central to this process are the construction cost estimates.

Developers need a lot of estimates for project analysis
Estimating takes several days
95% estimates are sunk cost
Estimates are expensive

Founded in 2017 to identify the highest and best use of land, Bldbox has since honed in on predicting construction costs for real estate development projects. We do this in seconds as opposed to hours and with a degree of accuracy that exceeds the ability of human experts.
Industry recognition
Batch 3 (2019)
Winner of Construction Startup Competition 2019
Member since May 2019
The team

Ian Tsybulkin
CEO, product Engineering (AI & Algorithms)
Engineer and founder at Symica and Cloudozer. A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), holds Master’s in Applied Mathematics and Physics. Data science expert and lecturer at Projector-Kyiv. Startup Advisor.
Alex McCullough
Business Development & PR
Brings 4+ years of real estate investment and construction experience to the team and is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a BA in Economics.
Alexandr Kuznetsov
Kateryna Ruskykh
Data analyst
Borys Zelenskyi