Our Vision

Bldbox was founded to provide the commercial real estate industry with innovative technologies. By creating a platform for AI within the industry we could present a tool that did more than simply provide information. When we created Bldbox, we wanted to create an application that truly informed decision by making a recommendation.

Bldbox Engine

In 2017 we developed the Bldbox Modeling Engine to assist real estate professionals in determining the viability of a real estate development project. Since then, the Bldbox Engine has been adapted to various platforms, providing solutions across the CRE industry. From questions about zoning restrictions and land valuation to determining highest and best uses or optimal building types and designs, Bldbox’s machine learning algorithm is redefining how people do real estate. Bldbox bridges the gap between data and decision by presenting users with analysis driven answers.



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Our Team

Our diverse team of industry experts delivers a strategic mix of tech and real estate knowledge. We are committed to providing our users with a perfect experience, from every dimension.


Ian Tsybulkin


Product Managment and AI/ML


Bohdan Korniyenko

Software Architecture and Cloud Computing


Alexander Kuznetsov

Front-end Development


Yana Vedel

Zoning Code, Building Models and Data Science


Borys Zelenskyi



Alexander McCullough

Business Development and Sales

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