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Bldbox Engine

In 2017 we developed the Bldbox Modeling Engine to assist real estate professionals in determining the viability of a real estate development project. Since then, the Bldbox Engine has been adapted to various platforms, providing solutions across the CRE industry. From questions about zoning restrictions and land valuation to determining highest and best uses or optimal building types and designs, Bldbox’s machine learning algorithm is redefining how people do real estate. Bldbox bridges the gap between data and decision by presenting users with analysis driven answers.


Bldbox Project Builder


Our most comprehensive tool, the Bldbox Project Builder, redefines how developers interact with land. More accurate than traditional massing techniques, our proprietary algorithm allows users to engage with land parcels at a level of detail no other software can provide. In its financial viability analysis of a project, Bldbox determines an optimal project type and building design based on a combination of user and market inputs. This process allows users to accurately project the impacts entitlement, permitting and construction can have on a project, before any major investment.

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Bldbox Bid Estimator

General Contractors

Our Project Bid Estimation tool generates extremely accurate, firm-specific, project bids. Based on current and historical rates and data, the Bldbox bid estimator categorizes, sorts and matches prior bids to ensure accurate modeling of potential new projects.

This technology allows bids to be stored securely and provides cost projections that are unique to a firms bidding strategies and habits.

Bldbox Mobile App


Our mobile application allows brokers and landowners to perform high-level evaluations on select land parcels while on-the-go. Mobile users are able to view parcels permitted and conditional uses, see the development type that Bldbox recommends and view a building model which achieves the highest and best use of the land. Along with an in-app notebook, users will be able to view key parameters of the recommended building design such as:

  • Zoning Information
  • Parking Requirements
  • Construction Type
  • Massing Information


Application users can also adjust certain parameters to see how those changes or development decisions impact the value of the land.

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Bldbox Brokerage


Along with our Mobile Application, Bldbox is creating tools specific to brokerage. By connecting brokers and buyers, Bldbox is creating a new space for innovation. Our lead generator will create a CRE marketplace with unmatched technology and our proprietary Development Potential Offering Memorandum will unlock and reflect the potential value of land. Bldbox’s machine learning algorithm will change the way buys and sellers look at land because with Bldbox, the potential is unlimited.

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